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Second Innings

Second Innings, an initiative launched in 2021, has a stated vision to provide job security to athletes, reassure parents, inspire other companies, and honour sports heroes beyond their careers. On ground, Second Innings supports ex-athletes in transitioning to the Indian startup ecosystem. Pine Labs has given us the mandate to identify consistent performers and offer employment contracts, training and skilling. To date, twelve athletes from various sports have been recruited in 2 batches.

‘Second Innings’ is an initiative launched in 2021 with the goal of providing ex-athletes an opportunity to pursue a career in the vibrant Indian startup eco system.
Within the ambit of this programme, we identify ex-athletes who have represented the country or their state on a consistent basis and are looking to transition from sports and fitness into the private sector. We offer these athletes an employment contract (same as every employee in Pine Labs) and provide the requisite training and skilling to ensure they succeed in their jobs.
We recruit these ex-athletes in batches of 5-6 to ensure we provide adequate attention and time to their successful transition to the corporate sector. So far we have recruited ex-athletes in two batches who have have competed in various sports (Chess, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Hockey, Rugby, Long distance running and Cricket).

Mission 2024

Collaborating with the GoSports Foundation, a prominent sports NGO, we organised Mission 2024 with the core aim to raise funds essential to support athletes across various sports disciplines as they gear up for the Paris Olympics 2024. The event attracted participation from top industrialists and sports enthusiasts who came forward to champion the cause and contribute to the athlete’s preparation for excellence on the global stage. The event is an example of how sports can act as a powerful catalyst for community building and forging strong connections among diverse individuals and organisations united by a common passion.

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