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Sport in India today is not only a lifestyle but is also being increasingly used by big corporate houses and companies to further develop and enhance their brand image, brand recall and human resources.

While sport in India is on the rise, with the introduction of professional leagues in football, badminton, wrestling and kabaddi to name a few, viewership and following of sports and Indian sportspersons has risen considerably. This in turn has resulted in a spurt in corporate and multinational investment in athletes, sports events, sports development and other sports allied activities through marketing and CSR budgets.

While investing in sport today is one of the most attractive options for corporates and multinationals, NSF’s role would be to structure a long term plan for holistic development of sport – to create a system for churning out world class athletes and also for promoting wellness and fitness avenues to all Indians.

NSF Mission

Providing solutions and a structure to corporate India in their vision and approach to holistic sport development.

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